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Ludo Sikandar is a Best Ludo Earning App where you can challenge your opponent with real money. 

Ludo Sikandar is Skill Based Game where you can challenge your opponent with real money. Ludo Sikandar is a best Ludo online game tournament app, In Ludo Sikandar you can earn real  cash by playing Ludo Skills Games. In Ludo Sikandar you can earn money by Best Ludo Earning App, Ludo Sikandar is the most trusted platform for ludo players.

Play online Money games in 10 mins

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Download and win money with these 4 Online Cash Games:

Best Ludo Earnig App

Play Sikandar & Win Real Cash | Best Ludo Earning App
Sikandar Classic

( Classic Ludo Score Based Game )

Play Sikandar & Win Real Cash | Best Ludo Earning App
Sikandar Timer

( Classic Ludo In Under 10 Mins )

Play Sikandar & Win Real Cash | Best Ludo Earning App
Sikandar Fixed Move

( Dice Based Ludo Limited Moves)


Ludo Sikandar is Available For All
Android Devices

We are excited to announce that the Ludo Sikandar Mobile App is available for All Android Users.

The Ludo Sikandar Mobile App has had great adoption from Android users, Best Ludo Earning App In India who use it for fun and earn

  • * Available For All Android Devices

Why Ludo Sikandar Is Best Ludo Earning App

ludo earning app

Online Cash Game Reviews

Play real money games in India on Ludo Sikandar Money-making ludo app. Take a look at the reviews below:

Ludo Sikandar

"Ludo Sikandar is the best! 🌟 I love how easy it is to play and win real cash prizes. 💰" "This app is amazing! 🎉 I can't get enough of playing Ludo Sikandar and earning money while having fun. 😄"

Aarav Patel
Software Engineer
Ludo Sikandar

"This app is amazing! 🎉 I can't get enough of playing Ludo Sikandar and earning money while having fun. 😄"

Riya Sharma
Marketing Executive
Ludo Sikandar

"Ludo Sikandar is my go-to game for entertainment and earning some extra cash. Highly recommended! 👍"

Arjun Gupta
Ludo Sikandar

"I've tried many Ludo apps, but Ludo Sikandar is by far the best. It's user-friendly and offers great rewards. 💯"

Aisha Singh
Financial Analyst
Ludo Sikandar

"Playing Ludo Sikandar has become a part of my daily routine. It's addictive and rewarding! 🕹️💵"

Rohan Verma
Ludo Sikandar

"I'm impressed with Ludo Sikandar's smooth gameplay and quick payout system. It's a fantastic app! 🚀💸"

Naina Desai
Ludo Sikandar

"Ludo Sikandar has made playing Ludo more exciting than ever before. It's a game-changer! 🔥"

Aryan Joshi
Graphic Designer
Ludo Sikandar

"I never thought playing Ludo could be so profitable until I discovered Ludo Sikandar. It's a game with real rewards! 💵💪"

Sanaya Patel
Ludo Sikandar

"Ludo Sikandar is perfect for both casual players and those who want to compete. It's the ultimate Ludo app. 🎮🔝"

Advait Sharma
Sales Manager
Ludo Sikandar

"If you're looking for a fun and rewarding Ludo game, look no further than Ludo Sikandar. It's the best in the business! 🌟🏆"

Ishita Chauhan
Content Writer

Why Ludo Sikandar is Best ludo earning app

Ludo Sikandar

1. Real-time multiplayer : Ludo Sikandar offers real-time multiplayer functionality, allowing users to play against opponents
2. Earning opportunities : Ludo Sikandar may offer users the chance to earn rewards or cash prizes by participating in tournaments or winning matches.
3. Instant Withdrawal : You can withdraw the winning amount in Ludo Sikandar app immediately if you bank account is verified.
4. Customer Support : In Ludo Sikandar app you get 24x7 customer support.
5. 100% Secure and Legal : Ludo Sikandar app is full trusted and 100% secure app.
Best Ludo Earning App

How Ludo Sikandar Works ?

Install The App

Install Ludo Sikandar App From
Play Store or Our Website

Setup Your Profile

Create Your Account And Add Virutal

Enjoy The Ludo Game

Play Ludo Game For and Earn

Simple & Beautiful Interface

Best Ludo Eanring App For Real Money and Instant Withdrawl
Best Ludo Earning App- Ludo sikandar

Ludo Sikandar Is The Best Skill Based | Earning App In India


Ludo Sikandar is a free and  Best Ludo Earning India game where you can win real money in rupees in your Bank instantly by playing games. It is a simple, fun, easy and classic strategy Skill Based game you can play with friends or online to earn money and for entertainment. Play the childhood dice game and entertainment is assured. Earn money while playing Ludo online for free Play ludo online with people around the world. Ludo Sikandar brings you the platform to play real money ludo India against real players. Remember, Ludo is not only dependent on your dice. It is one of those real money games that requires great strategy & planning to get win over your opponent. Games are not a timepass anymore. Now you can use your gaming skills to earn real money. You can play games the whole day and you can earn real money. Ludo Sikandar provides you the safest and most entertaining platform to play your favorite game Ludo and earn money. There is a tournament option too where you can participate and play to earn much bigger prizes. Show the world who is the King of the Ludo Sikandar! That’s Why Ludo Sikandar is best Ludo Earning App

Player needs to open an account with Ludo Sikandar game. Once you sign up to the game, user needs to buy coins to play strategy game Ludo. To make money, player requires to choose table to play game. Showcase your skills among real time players and start playing. When you win the game, start redeem your earning coins into registered bank account, UPI or Paytm. Ludo Sikandar game is best for earning money in Paytm. Invite your friends and Earn Lifetime 1% Referral Income For Your Friends Every Game Play.

Safe & Secure



Frequently Asked Questions - Best Ludo Earning App

If you’re looking for the best app to earn money in india while playing Ludo, you should check out Ludo Sikandar. It’s considered one of the top choices for players who want to make some cash while having fun with Ludo. With its easy-to-use interface and smooth gameplay.

You have To  Download Ludo Sikandar App Then Register in This app You can Earn Money In India .

Play And Earn Money in India With Instant Withdrawl Facility.

• Ludo Sikandar (Highly Recommended)
• Ludo King
• Ludo Supreme
• Ludo Empire
• Ludo Club
• Ludo Star
• Ludo All-Star
• Ludo Game
• Ludo Master
• Ludo Classic

Ludo Sikandar is the best Ludo earning app out there. It’s number one! With Ludo Sikandar, you can play Ludo and make real money. You can play Ludo and earn money at the same time. It’s safe and secure, so you don’t have to worry. If you want to earn money while playing your favorite game, Ludo Sikandar is the app for you. Join Ludo Sikandar now and start winning real cash!

Ludo Sikandar – an Indian online real cash game is a popular strategy-based board game. To know how to play Ludo read out here:- Best Ludo Earning App

Tap on your wallet > Select Amount > Select Payment Method >  Complete transaction.

Yes, you just need to click on your wallet and by clicking on the withdraw option, you can withdraw the amount immediately. Ludo Sikandar – Best Ludo Cash Earning App

You can refer someone through message, email, WhatsApp, etc., whichever mode you are comfortable with. You must ensure that they enter your ‘referral code’ when they create an account, or else your referral will be invalid.

Maintain a good internet connection.

No, a portion of your bonus cash along with your deposits is used for tournament registrations.

No, you can only use deposit money for playing games.

You can withdraw money from your winnings amount. A minimum balance of Rs. 100 is necessary to make withdrawal.

You can withdraw money to your Bank Account, UPI or Paytm Wallet.

If you made a payment for a tournament but could not get a table, the charged amount will be credited automatically to your deposit.Best Ludo Earning App

In case your account was blocked, you can raise a support request on Contact Support Team Or Email us:-

No, you need to be 18 or older to play Ludo Sikandar.

No, you can only login with one account on your device.

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